Monday, December 28, 2009

Jawatankuasa khas MCA bermesyuarat awal 2010

KUALA LUMPUR 28 Dis. - Mesyuarat jawatankuasa khas MCA bagi mengadakan pemilihan semula parti itu dijangka hanya diadakan awal tahun depan.

Timbalan Presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek berkata, mesyuarat terpaksa ditangguhkan kerana kebanyakan ahli jawatankuasa sedang bercuti.

"Kebanyakan anggotanya termasuk dua orang menteri sedang berada di luar negara.

"Lantaran itu, kita tidak dapat mengadakan mesyuarat untuk membincangkan isu berkenaan dengan selanjutnya," katanya dalam kenyataan di sini hari ini.

Setiausaha Agung MCA, Datuk Wong Foon Meng sebelum ini enggan mendedahkan senarai Ahli Jawatankuasa Pusat (CC) parti itu yang telah atau belum menghantar surat peletakan jawatan mereka pada Jumaat lalu iaitu tarikh akhir penyerahan surat tersebut.

Foon Meng berkata, beliau enggan berbuat demikian kerana tidak mahu menimbulkan kekeliruan dalam usaha menyelesaikan kemelut parti itu.

Pemilihan semula pucuk pimpinan MCA itu dilihat sebagai satu cara menyelesaikan kemelut dalaman parti tersebut yang semakin serius apabila Soi Lek dipecat sebagai Timbalan Presiden parti pada Ogos lalu.

Pada 15 Disember lalu, Naib Presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai dan 12 lagi pemimpin parti telah menghantar surat peletakan jawatan mereka sebagai ahli CC kepada Foon Meng.

Bagaimanapun perlembagaan MCA menetapkan sekurang-kurangnya 21 daripada 30 ahli CC yang dipilih oleh perwakilan parti perlu meletakkan jawatan mereka bagi membolehkan pemilihan semula itu diadakan.

Antara yang telah menghantar surat bersama Tiong Lai ialah Timbalan Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Datuk Wee Jeck Seng; Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Hou Kok Chung; Naib Presiden MCA, Tan Kok Hong dan anggota veteran CC, Datuk Wong Mook Leong.

Dalam pada itu, sebanyak lapan ahli CC lagi turut menghantar surat peletakan jawatan iaitu Lee Wee Kiat, Datuk Yu Chok Tow, Wong Nai Chee, Datuk Yeow Chai Thiam, Datuk Hoh Khai Mun, Datuk Liew Yuen Keong, Datuk Edward Khoo Keok Hai dan Datuk Alex Wong Siong Hwee.

Menurut Soi Lek, Sekretariat MCA akan mengeluarkan surat pemberitahuan kepada media apabila tarikh mesyuarat jawatankuasa khas tersebut diputuskan.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

DAP backs Nazri over Utusan

Lim says Utusan has gone overboard. — File pic

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 17 — DAP today expressed their support for Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz for criticising Utusan Malaysia’s racist agenda.

The party’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said Nazri’s criticism of the Umno-owned newspaper is accurate because Utusan has gone "overboard" in its reporting.

Utusan has gone overboard in its reporting and attacked the non-Malays up to the point of using derogatory terms such as ‘keling’ for the Indian community and calling the non-Malays anti-Islam and anti-Malay. That is the not the spirit of Malaysia supported by the rakyat,” he told reporters in Parliament.

Yesterday, The Malaysian Insider reported that the Umno maverick had condemned the Malay daily for its “outdated” racist propaganda, saying the Umno-owned newspaper must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country.

Nazri said Malaysians can no longer accept categorising minorities with derogatory names.

Lim stressed that Utusan was irresponsible for causing racial tension in the country.

“The efforts by Utusan Malaysia are very irresponsible because it causes racial hatred and also publishes false statements like Karpal is anti-Islam. I have also become a victim and that was why I had to sue Utusan but we cannot sue Utusan everyday because we do not have the funds and time to do so,” he said.

The Penang Chief Minister also slammed the Utusan “bosses” for manipulating the news.

“Their reporters are professional but their bosses will change the news and then create false news and false accusations. So we feel that they have gone overboard. I think this is not a political issue but a Malaysian issue.

“Even though we are politically different, the DAP agrees with Nazri in urging Utusan Malaysia to stop this campaign of racial hatred. They will only be satisfied when other races do not have any more rights. If they continue with their campaign of hate, I am scared there will be retaliation that we all will regret,” he said.

Lim hopes that Utusan will accept Nazri’s criticism and change.

“I hope Utusan Malaysia will learn from the criticism made by the minister and also hope that the police will make the necessary investigation to take actions against those who incite racial hatred,” he said.

Utusan has been a mouthpiece for Umno ultra-nationalists and a tool for defending the party’s “Ketuanan Melayu” (Malay supremacy) policy.

The newspaper has also been criticised for being used to attack the opposition and ratcheting up racial tensions.

The Umno-owned newspaper was responsible for running daily stories criticising calls to allow former communist leader Chin Peng to return to Malaysia, linking it to what the newspaper says are moves to question Malay rights.

The paper also suggested that DAP was anti-Islam and said Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was willing to betray the Malays to be prime minister — both incendiary subjects in mainly Malay-Muslim Malaysia.

Its articles have labelled the Chinese community as “pendatang” (immigrants) and the Indian community as “keling”. -MalaysianInsider

Sunday, December 13, 2009

MCA polls unlikely

Central committee members reluctant to quit to pave way for fresh mandate

KUALA LUMPUR: Fresh polls may not take place in MCA as many central committee
members are reluctant to quit.

Despite a pledge by deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, vice-president
Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai and 12 other CC members to step down to resolve the leadership crisis, none had submitted their letters of resignation.

Secretary-general Datuk Wong Foon Meng told the New Sunday Times he had yet to receive any resignation letter from the 31 elected CC members. Seven more CC members are needed to make up the 21 members — two-thirds of the CC who must resign to pave the way for fresh elections.

“They have until Dec 25 to submit their letters,” Wong said.

On Friday, Dr Chua had said CC members had two weeks to decide whether they wanted to let go of their posts. Liow said he and 12 CC members had received the standard resignation letter and needed time to go through the document.

“I have always emphasised the need for the party to resolve the crisis once and

for all,” he said at a press conference after launching a bio-herbs economic
forum yesterday. Liow said it was important that CC members do what was right to stop the crisis from worsening and urged them to voluntarily resign.

He said many of the elected CC members felt fresh polls were necessary.
“I am confident they will make their decision fast and do not need to be persuaded by others to do what is right.”

But it is said that the remaining 17 CC members are cool towards Liow’s call.
Datuk Chong Itt Chew said he would not sign the letter until the CC briefed members and endorsed the decisions made by the committee on fresh elections. No date has been fixed for the next CC meeting.

“I want to know how many will sign the letter. As far as I know, none have done so despite talk by some leaders.”

Another CC member, Datuk Ti Lian Ker, said he had yet to sign the letter because it was not resolved whether fresh elections would include the Youth and Wanita wings.

“We might set a bad precedent if we allow a minority to get their way and disrupt the party,” he said.

Datuk Tan Chai Ho said he needed time to to think about it as he only received the letter on Friday night.

“It is not easy to get people to resign,” he said.

Universiti Sains Malaysia analyst Dr Sivamurugan Pandian aid if fresh elections did not take place and the status quo remained, it would not guarantee peace in the party.

“If some leaders are unhappy with the developments in the party a few months later, what is going to stop them from creating another crisis?

“I believe fresh polls is the best way to resolve matters once and for all.”

Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng said if all the factions were serious about going for fresh elections, they should have set a date a long time ago. Khoo believed the leaders were dragging their feet to buy time to consolidate their support. He said for now, Liow’s faction was the minority in the
CC after Ong and Dr Chua had teamed up.

“Liow definitely has difficulty in persuading the other CC members to quit. It appears he is running out of options and the only thing for him to do is to wait for the next party elections in 2011.”

Party insiders said there were whispers that some CC members were unwilling to
quit and preferred to complete their term. A CC member, who did not want to be identified, said they had to fight hard to be elected at last year’s party elections but, now, barely a year later, they were facing the prospect of having to vacate their seats to face fresh elections.

“You think it would be easy for us to resign? How about those who are ministers and deputy ministers? They have everything to lose if they do that.”

The MCA leadership crisis was caused by the watershed Oct 10 extraordinary general meeting when party president, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, narrowly lost a vote of no confidence while his former nemesis, Dr Chua, failed to be reinstated as the party’s number two.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

再批马哈迪是种族主义之父 纳兹里以其人之道还治其身


纳兹里(Nazri Aziz,右图)今早出席国会面对记者围堵再次发表意见,尽管副首相慕尤丁出访日本跨海替马哈迪辩护,可纳兹里依然炮火不减,他表示尊重慕尤丁的看法,但他坚持自己说对的话,“他(慕尤丁)要发表意见,不要紧啦,那就是他的意见嘛。”














不 过,掌政22年的马哈迪却在此刻发声,认为国家干训局过去的课程并无不妥,惹来纳兹里猛烈炮轰,他多次摆出现任首相纳吉,积极区分马哈迪时代与纳吉的政 策,他说:“(现在的)党纲是什么?不就是一个马来西亚吗?重整国家干训局难道不符合一个马来西亚吗?现在谁是巫统的老板?马哈迪还是纳吉?如果有任何更 动请告诉我,但就我所知,纳吉是现任首相。”



因为国家干训局引起的这场种族主义争议,引发巫统是否为种族主义政党之争,身为巫统重要领袖,纳兹里却强调不应该仇视其他族群,还列举多位运动员如妮柯大卫(Nicole David)、李宗伟为例,说明各族人民不分种族为国奋斗。


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nazri calls Dr M a racist for defending BTN


[本刊记者撰述】国家干训局(Biro Tatanegara)课程 的争议继续烧,纳兹里今日在国会反讥捍卫国家干训局课程的前首相马哈迪是“该死的种族主义者”(bloody racist),并重申内阁之前翻新有关课 程的决定。此外,印度人国大党副主席兼西金马仑区国会议员德瓦马尼(SK Devamany)也承认有关课程内容应该翻新。

除 此之外,巫统所掌控的《马来西亚前锋报》(Utusan Malaysia)与《每日新闻》(Berita Harian)这两周来都刊登了许多捍卫国家 干训局课程的言论,并回击这些反对言论是一些“卖国贼”要把有关课题政治化所导致。其中《马来西亚前锋报》在昨日要求政府不应该向国家干训局的反对声浪妥 协。
尽管国阵内部声浪不一,国阵其他成员党都未评论此课题,但是印度人国大党副主席兼西金马仑区国会议员德瓦马尼(SK Devamany)今日也承认有关课程内容应该翻新。
根据网络媒体《马来西亚局内人》的报道,德瓦马尼了解到,国家干训局扮演的角色是为全国人民筑起爱国主义。“若课程是不利于国民团结,并有违宪法与国家原则(Rukun Negara)及马来西亚的精神,那他们就绝对需要重新检视了。”
国 家干训局课程在过去数周受到各界围攻,民联领袖都指有关课程被用作灌输种族分裂观念的工具。虽然政府一直强调国家干训局课程的主旨是向出席者灌输爱国精 神,惟曾经出席过这课程的参与者却给予相反的证言,被指是巫统透过植入种族憎恶感和‘巫裔拥最高权威(Ketuanan Melayu)’的概念,用作守 住巫裔支持率的工具。
德 瓦马尼(左图黑衣者)透露,他和马华公会总会长翁诗杰曾经向国家首席秘书长西迪哈山(Sidek Hassan)反映这项课题。他指出,他与翁诗杰两人在 去年在会议中有提出国家干训局的问题,因为有当时有报道称课程内容涉及敏感课题,当中就有参与者向他们投诉,但却苦无证据。
首相署部长纳兹里(Nazri Aziz)过后表示,内阁近期了解到有关国家干训局的课外活动需要废除,因为政府领导层包括首相,都认为其内容会造成种族分裂及破坏团结性。政府首席秘书已经受到指示,将监督国家干训局的课程翻新计划。 【点击:内阁同意翻新干训局课程 林吉祥质疑阁员自说自话】
上周,民主行动党国会领袖兼怡保东区国会议员林吉祥,促请政府成立只向国会负责的独立无党派机构,以取代在过去十年花了5亿5000万元、却散播种族仇恨的国家干训局。【点击:干训局散播仇恨十年耗五亿 林吉祥促另立独立机构取代】

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7 — Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has called Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad a “bloody racist” for defending the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) courses, and reasserted the Cabinet’s earlier decision to overhaul the programme.

Nazri pointed out to reporters in Parliament today that patriotism was not meant only for the Malays but for all Malaysians.

“You must be a Malaysian whether you’re a minister or not. You must walk your talk. Don’t just because when you were PM, you wanted everyone to support you, you’re Malaysian and the moment you’re no longer PM, that’s it, only talk about the Malays so I cannot accept his comment. When you read his blog it is bloody racist.

“I strongly feel the BTN courses must be in line with the 1 Malaysia slogan by the PM,” he said.

Dr Mahathir had said yesterday that there was no need to revamp BTN’s training modules in the current form and that it was suitable for instilling the patriotic spirit among Malaysians.

Nazri also slammed Umno’s Utusan Malaysia newspaper today, saying its “denial syndrome is making me laugh.” The minister in the prime minister’s department repeated his stand that “everybody knows what the BTN is,” so there was nothing to hide.

“I just want them to know, they should not go on a denial syndrome because their syllabus is known to everybody. Don’t think that people outside do not know about the syllabus based on patriotism for Malays. I just want to remind them that among those in the opposition, Hasan Ali was a former deputy director of BTN and Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul was a BTN former director and Anwar Ibrahim’s father in law was involved with the BTN.

“They all know what the syllabus is all about so who are we to say that it did not happen? You want to lie? You make people laugh. I mean there are people who attended the courses who came out very angry. There were many instances of the use of words like Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy). It is ridiculous so I want them to tell me where did I go wrong in supporting the revamping of the BTN syllabus. Tell me where I went wrong?” he asked.

Nazri stressed that BTN was funded by public money and that the funds should be spent properly for the betterment of all communities.

“The BTN’s allocation is mentioned in the PM’s department’s budget. So it’s public money. So if it’s public money then we need to ensure that it is spent properly, not to have courses only to concentrate on one community in the country.

“You talk about patriotism, love for the country. Patriotism is for all Malaysians regardless of race. Therefore, the money spent on BTN to have courses must reflect the 1Malaysia slogan by the PM. It should not only be to raise patriotism among the Malays. Malaysia is for all races so I disagree with any syllabus which only concentrates on patriotism just on one community, I disagree. If they have a problem with that, I want to know what is their problem,” he said.

Nazri questioned if Utusan Malaysia, which has been at the forefront of defending BTN courses, believes that Malaysia belongs only to the Malay community.

“Do they want to say that Malaysia belongs only to the Malays and the government is only a Malay government? Should only the Malays be given the spirit of patriotism? Other races are not patriotic about their country? So I want them to point out to me where is it that I’ve gone wrong If I disagree with the past syllabus,” he added.

Nazri also denied the claim made by Utusan that it was only him who wanted BTN to be revamped and not the Cabinet.

“The moment PM took over, when he introduced the 1 Malaysia slogan. It was soon after that because courses run by BTN using public funds must be used properly and it amounts to millions so if you want to talk about patriotism, patriotism for all, not just the Malays, for all Malaysians. It’s not because of the Selangor state government that we changed the syllabus so it’s long before that,” he said.

Nazri also questioned Utusan for deceiving Malaysians on BTN.

“You tell me, can I lie? I can’t. They must use their head lah. If they want to deny and all that. If the other side they do not know, it’s different but all these people were involved with BTN before. They were facilitators and directors so they know what’s going on.

“Come on lah, please, this is not 1961 or the 1970s. Information is freely available. I want them to get out of the denial syndrome, admit it and that’s in line with the PM’s slogan so why shouldn’t we change?” he asked.

The PR-led Selangor government recently imposed a ban on its civil servants and students within its state-run educational institutions from attending BTN courses, while Penang — another PR- governed state — is said to be considering similar action.

But the hawks in Umno, through Malay-based dailies like Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia, have moved to defend BTN and attacked its critics as “traitors” who are trying to politicise the issue.

Utusan yesterday urged the government not to “bow down” to the opposition on BTN and said that it was Nazri who wanted the programme to be revamped even though the move was decided by the Cabinet. - Malaysian Insider

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lembaga Serupa Teoh Kelihatan di bangunan SPRM













他當時也反應不過來,也不知如何是好,過后,接二連三聽到有人講看到趙氏鬼魂。- China Press


Tiga individu mendakwa mereka ternampak satu lembaga yang menyerupai mendiang Teoh Beng Hock merayau-rayau di ibupejabat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) di Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam.

Menurut laporan akhbar China Press, lembaga tersebut dilihat di tingkat lima bangunan tersebut - tempat Teoh ditemui mati dan di tingkat 14, iaitu pejabat SPRM Selangor.

Laporan itu menyebut seorang pengawal keselamatan dan dua pegawai SPRM terserempak dengan lembaga itu sekitar bulan Oktober lalu - lebih dua bulan selepas Teoh ditemui mati.

Pengawal keselamatan tersebut yang enggan namanya disebut berkata, dia tidak nampak muka lembaga itu, tetapi ia berpakaian sama seperti yang dipakai mendiang ketika datang ke pejabat SPRM dulu.

"Saya nampak mayatnya selepas jatuh. Saya pasti ianya Teoh walaupun saya hanya lihat bahagian belakangnya," katanya sambil menambah kejadian itu berlaku kira-kira jam 6.30 petang.

Ketika mencerita semula kejadian itu, pengawal tersebut berkata dia pergi ke bilik air di tingkat lima di mana secara dia tiba-tiba terdengar bunyi orang berjalan. Pengawal keselamatan yang lain tidak bertugas ketika itu.

"Saya rasa pelik. Biasanya pada waktu itu tiada orang lain di situ. Lalu saya berjalan ke arah tandas... kemudian saya nampak seorang lelaki di depan lif, dia memakai kot hitam dan berseluar putih," katanya.

Pada masa itu, tidak terlintas di fikiran pengawal tersebut bahawa ia adalah lembaga yang menyerupai Teoh itu.

"Saya bertanya dia hendak ke mana kerana tiada orang di atas. Dia menjawab "saya nak naik ke atas", lalu masuk ke dalam lif.

"Ketika itulah saya terfikir yang dia nampak seperti Teoh, jadi saya bergegas ke bilik keselamatan untuk melihat CCTV, tetapi tiada seorang pun dalam lif tersebut.-Malaysiakini

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nazri says no point denying what BTN is

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 – Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz insisted today that the Cabinet wants to overhaul the Biro Tata Negara (BTN), while also admitting the programme had been used to promote certain government leaders.

His remarks come just a few hours after a fellow Umno government leader defended the civics course and insisted it would be “upgraded” instead of “revamped.”

“Whatever word you use, upgrade or revamp ... to me, it is a change of module. Datuk Ahmad Maslan is a member of the Cabinet, he can’t dispute my statement,” he told reporters at Parliament lobby here.

Ahmad, who is deputy minister in the prime minister department, came out defending BTN today against allegations by the opposition that its courses were teaching racial hatred.

He claimed the courses would only be “upgraded”, which means that there is nothing wrong with the modules.

The deputy minister, who is in charge of BTN, claimed that the “upgrade” would incorporate new elements in its lectures to reflect the 1Malaysia idea meant to promote racial unity coined by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

But Nazri said there was no use in Ahmad or other government ministers denying the Cabinet decision.

Ahmad was the second Umno minister to come out in defence of BTN despite the revelation by Nazri that the Cabinet conceded that its courses were racially divisive.

The first was Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin, who took a similarly defensive stand and publicly stated his views on the issue just hours after Nazri made the disclosure on Monday.

No matter how much leaders tried to deny it, Nazri said, there were “other” former government leaders who are now a part of the opposition vanguards, like PKR de facto Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who had been involved with BTN and know of its contents.

The BTN was under Anwar when he was then deputy prime minister.

“They know, so what is there to deny,” he said. “What I am saying now is that we are revamping BTN by changing it, which we have decided in the Cabinet meeting so that it is consonant with a 1 Malaysia as wanted by the prime minister.”

Nazri also admitted that BTN was used as a tool to promote certain leaders within the government, which was one of the points used by opposition leaders to demand BTN’s closure.

The minister said BTN was also used as a programme to “instill confidence among the Malays” in the early days of its establishment but stressed that times have changed and “so must BTN”.